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Maison de campagne

Harmonization of the place

The planet and man are closely linked. Like human energy systems, the planet has its energy systems and the two interact. It is impossible to hide this link when we are concerned about the health of everyone on earth. The planet maintains a powerful link with what surrounds it through its energetic bodies but also the power of vortices and cosmo-telluric chimneys. The equivalents of the meridians are called cosmotelluric networks and they operate in a binary system + and -, like the yin and yang which balance human organs, ,and the meridians which operate in pairs. Network crossings if negative are harmful and must not be located under beds or places where we remain sitting for long periods. It is the same for cosmic telluric chimneys, geobiological faults, or water currents because they drain with them the energy of living beings (humans, plants, animals).


Geobiological study

I can perform a geobiological study on your living or working space, which will help identify any nuisances that need to be addressed and suggest personalized solutions.

The cost of this service is 120 $.

Harmonization of the place

If you feel tired in the morning when you have the impression that your home does not bring you the well-being physical that it should provide you, I offer you a complete harmonization of your place.

Cost 450 $

For 2,5 hours


Akashic Readings Package

As part of the Akashic readings, I offer a package of three Akashic readings which includes opening your Akashic archives, those of your place of life or work, and of your animal.

The package is valid for 6 months and costs 540 $.

Bioenergy treatment package and geobiological study of the place

As part of your personal energy care, we offer a package that includes three bioenergy sessions and a geobiological study of your place for 500 $.

This package is valid for three months.

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