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The Akashic Records

The Akashic records represent a soul's recorded journey through its incarnated lives. All pasts, presents, and potential futures are written there. It is a source of information accessible to everyone. It's like a great cosmic library that we can enter to understand the sources of our blockages, repetitive patterns, fears, limiting beliefs...

Every thought, word, emotion, or action is recorded in this great library that is the Akashic Records.

Through a sacred prayer, we access information under the protection of the Source through the Masters of Akasha. When we access this dimension we receive the highest and most powerful protection there is, because this dimension, that of the ascended masters, is impenetrable to the harmful energies of the lower astral. It is a dimension of pure love and all messages and advice are transmitted with the greatest kindness.

We can then ask questions and obtain answers or advice on: ​

- Our relationship problems,

- Our projects,

- The reasons for our blockages, our fears, our limiting, repetitive patterns, and beliefs... ​

It is then possible to find the source of the blockages and resolve them, ask to change the repetitive patterns in our lives, in our lineages to purify our karma. Information from the Akashic Records helps us identify and release everything we have created, resolve blockages, and identify difficulties.

​ A reading is not clairvoyance, we have access to our future potential and the most beautiful version of our life but we are the only masters on board and can decide to follow the path, or not. It is our free will. ​

The session lasts between 1h15 and 1h30. ​

About 10 days before the session I will send you documents by email to help you prepare your questions for the session.

​ I am a consultant certified by Ernesto Ortiz and authorized to perform Akashic Archives readings about human beings, businesses, animals, and places. ​ I offer in-person readings in Villeneuve Tolosane (31) or online (worldwide French English)

​ Being a consultant trained by Ernesto Ortiz means: ​

- series of 4 internships over several years

- continuous monitoring by trainers

- a requirement for practice (50 sessions before being certified) and results (a reading from one of the trainers)

- regular monitoring by Ernesto Ortiz himself.

For more details please click on my destination page below :

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