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"Care for Horses and Riders."

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My life with horses

I have been passionate about horses since I was two years old, and my love for them has never waned.


For the past 50 years, I have spent as much time as possible with these majestic animals, riding them and being in their company, which has brought me immense joy.

My mare, Senorita, played an essential role in developing my healing powers over ten years ago. She was my first client, and I learned a lot from her. Horses are highly sensitive beings and can detect energy and healing much faster than humans. Working with them in nature is incredibly powerful, and they are excellent conduits of energy.

As a healer, I offer magnetism sessions to riders who suffer from chronic inflammatory pain, skin problems, digestive issues, and osteoarthritis. These sessions can be done in person or online via photo.

In case of diseases, operations, or a drop in vitality, I provide one-hour bioenergy sessions that revitalize and rebalance the body, purifying it in the process. These sessions can be done in person or online.


Contact me

06 24 10 14 28

Equine magnetism: 60 $ for 30 min.

Bioenergy: 150 $ for 1 hour.

Equine Akashic records: 200 $ for 1 hour.

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