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About me

Magnetizer for more than 10 years and lulled by the stories of my great-grandfather as a magnetizer, I decided a few years ago to fully devote myself to the study and practice of energy of the human body but also that of animals.


THE care of the physical body and energy are areas of infinite and magnificent knowledge that lead us to the essence of who we really are, returning to the source of the human, of humanity...


Thanks to my discovery of the Akashic records via Don Ernesto Ortiz's Journey To The Heart organization, I receive guidance from the Masters of Akasha in order to intensify care and my connection to the source, an essential element in the energetic dimension of care.

During treatment, I can open the Akashic Records of the person, animal, or place in order to receive precise information and increase the power and effectiveness of the treatment.

I am bilingual in French and English and I offer consultations in both languages.

Looking forward to seeing you very soon with the joy of accompanying you...

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