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To make an in-person appointment in bioenergy, please click on the following link:

Bioenergy is a therapy method that allows you to increase your vitality by returning to balance.

Energy balancing involves circulating energy to harmonize and rebalance the body and mind. This energy will dissolve in the body of blockages responsible for a large number of organic, psychological, present, or old problems and can thus possibly prevent diseases.

Physical and emotional shocks, geobiological disturbances, electromagnetic wave pollution, devitalized food, air pollution (etc.) disrupt the coherence and bioenergetic and informational balance of the body. Bioenergy is a natural method for balance and harmony of body and mind, by regulating and harmonizing informational energy fields.

The treatment allows

- Increase your immunity rate

- Purify and discharge the objects that we carry from negative charges,

- Remove the mental and/or emotional burdens accumulated during our lives,

- Remove entities,

- Repair energy leaks due to surgical operations or injuries which could cause fatigue,

- Cleanse the body of toxic substances (food, chemicals, pollution, etc.)

- Remove karmic blockages or limiting beliefs

- Rebalance the chakras and allow better circulation of energy,

- Raise your vibration,


Thus, energy balancing makes it possible to

- Find your energy potential

- Reduce certain pain

- Facilitate the return to calm, and serenity, or even rediscover the joy of living

- Get back to sleep…


The body quickly regains its self-management capabilities, and its dynamism, thus doing everything possible to manage its problems naturally.

A session goes like this:

- Remote assessment of the various blockages before the appointment using the first name, date of birth, and possibly a photo.

- During the session I use the pendulum, my intuition, and my magnetism to bring well-being and relaxation


 The care does not replace but complements your usual medical treatments. This is in no way a medical procedure. You must continue your medical follow-up with your health professionals.

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